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A Totally Normal, Not At All Suspicious Shopping Trip

Today I spent almost 2 hours at a Staples, mostly in the pencil and pen section. Usually, I run in and out of stores, but this time I slowed down and thought about what I might need, that I maybe glossing over.

While browsing the office supplies, I did so through the filter of my memories of working at a Staples in Chicago, at Clark & Wilson. There, I was making Staples customers’ copy & print dreams come true.

Now, I was making my dreams come true, and today my dreams happened to be exactly this:

  • Brookstone tech organizer, last one in stock and on clearance (will not be used for tech)
  • Two 11×14 and two 8×10 frames (for memories)
  • Gorilla glue (I broke a nail, do not try this at home)
  • Metallic Sharpies (I’m an artist)
  • Holographic sparkly star stickers, last pack in stock (for holographic sparkly needs, it’s never enough)

Wow, so glad I did that. And so glad I wrote this totally normal, not at all suspicious blog.